Applied Machine Learning Engineer

Job description

What are you going to do:

As an Applied Machine Learning Engineer at Astroscreen you will be able to build a Machine Learning pipeline - from data parsing to classification and deployment. 

You should be able to take advantage of AWS services, including some of the pre-packaged machine learning technologies. You should also be able to code your own and to be able to tell when that is needed. 

Your day to day tasks will involve data cleaning, parsing, querying and analyzing. A good example of the work needed is collecting data, cleaning it, training, testing and deploying a classifier for Social Media data using AWS and tensorflow.


What do you need to know to do it right:
  • Be able to code in Python and use general ML libraries such as:

    • scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, xgboost, etc.

  • Be able to implement supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and pipelines

  • Be able to collect, extract and transform different forms of raw data into a working ML model. And then deploy that model

  • Be experienced in at least one of :

    • Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Spark, Redshift, (or similar)

Familiarity with the following is a plus:

  • Data modelling

  • Social media mining

  • Data Visualization (even better if it is in the front end)

  • Deep learning and its frameworks (pytorch, tensorflow)


  • Graph / Complex network analysis

To fit our team, you need to: 

  • Be a proactive person with a growth mindset and a bias for action 
  • Get things done and be able to accept responsibility for your decisions
  • ... and last but not least, be an honest person, who does what has been promised 

What can you expect from us:

  • The chance to shape the company by working closely with founders

  • Great freedom to initiate own ideas

  • A dynamic team of young professionals with lots of passion and a clear vision in a fast-growing startup

  • A modern office located in London with a huge diversity of internal events

  • Free coffee and drinks to keep you refreshed at work are a matter of course

  • Flexible working hours and high degree of autonomy

  • A startup that is well capitalized and backed by top venture capital firms

Are you up for it? We can´t wait to meet our future Applied Machine Learning Engineer!

Get in touch and send us your CV as well as the reason, why do you want to join us!